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  Next Sale Scheduled for April 12


Builders WareHouse, the reuse, recycle and renew store of the Twin Cities building community will hold it's next public sale on Saturday, April 12, 9 am to 2 pm.  Builders WareHouse is located in Golden Valley at 5905 Golden Valley Road.  The warehouse entrance is located in the rear of the building.  No early sales, doors will open promptly at 9 am.  Best offers will be considered beginning at 1 pm.  Current stock includes a side by side refridgerator, stoves, dishwashers, vanities with sink tops, cabinets, trim and mouldings, lighting fixtures, windows and patio doors and many, many other items.  All materials are in good shape, some items are new.  Materials have been donated from area builders and remodelers.  All sales final.


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BATC Foundation, Rebuilding Together Twin Cities and Barn Raisings Build Zack's House!

Construction is complete on our most recent major project, known affectionately as Zack's House!  Zack suffered massive injuries in a hit and run accident in September, 2012.  His survival and recovery have been amazing -- read more about Zack by clicking on the "Projects" tab to the left.


BATC Foundation Announces New Scholarship Program

We are very happy to announce that the Foundation will be assuming oversight of the BATC Scholarship program.  Although with the downturn in the economy in recent years the program had been suspended, we are pleased to begin accepting applications for the 2014-15 Academic School Year immediately.  The eligibility rules and application forms are available online or may be requested from Perri Graham at  Questions?  Please call Perri at 651-697-7563.

To access the application for students graduating spring, 2014 click here.

To access the application for adults, click here.

To view the scholarship eligibility rules, click here.



Thank You, Thank You!  Give to the Max Day was a Big Success!

November 14!

Despite frustrating technical difficulties, Give to the Max Day was an enourmous success raising more than $17 million for Minnesota charities.  The BATC Foundation raised $3,825 yesterday -- that's a whopping 4,000% increase over 2012!  Thank you to everyone who donated, either online or at the BATC Buck Auction.  Thanks to your gifts, the Foundation is ready to take on 2014 and several new projects.  Scroll down for more information.




Latest Foundation Project Winds up

Dave Davidson and his wife Penny are now safe and secure at home, thanks to the BATC Foundation and builder partner John Kraemer & Sons.  Dave was a marathon runner and worked for IBM until four years ago, when he started to have visual and motor control problems.  A Vietnam war veteran, Dave was seen by specialists, the Veteran's Administration Hospital and the Mayo Clinc but no one could give him a definite diagnosis.  With no diagnosis, the VA was unable to help Dave financially and the medical bills continued to pile up.  After Dave was no longer able to work, he was forced to rely on Penny's insurance causing even more medical headaches.

Dave's condition continued to worsen and it became apparent that he would soon need to move into a wheelchair full time.  Unfortunately, Dave and Penny's southside Minneapolis home is anything but wheelchair friendly and it was clear that they would need to remodel if they wanted to remain in their home.  However, because of the medical bills, Dave and Penny had no budget for a remodeling project.  That was when the Veteran's Administration asked the BATC Foundation if there was anything we could do. 

Working with Builder Partner John Kraemer & Sons, the BATC Foundation was able to help Dave and Penny.  The project included widening hallways and a new accessible bathroom.  Dave is happy to regain some independence and Penny is thrilled that Dave can be safe in his own home.  Many thanks to John Kraemer & Sons for their help!

Update:  Dave has recently been diagnosed with ALS.  We wish him and Penny the best as they meet their daily challenges.

Projects like these are made possible by your support of your BATC Foundation!  For more information about the Foundation ways to be involved, contact Perri Graham, Executive Director at or 651-697-7563.


The BATC Foundation

The charitable arm of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, the BATC Foundation taps the talents and resources of the association’s member builders, remodelers, suppliers and others to support our communities.  They build homes, provide remodeling and repair, as well as offer scholarships for young people entering the construction industry.

Formerly called the Builders Outreach Foundation, the group began as a community service committee in the early 1990s. In 1995 the committee changed its structure to become the Builders Outreach Foundation, a non-profit 501C-3 charitable organization, offering tax advantages to its donors.   

In the early 90's, the committee built two homes--one for Cornerstone Battered Women Shelters, and one for Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners.

In October 1994, the Foundation took on their first project in the Frogtown area of St. Paul.  That led to a ten-year partnership with the city of St. Paul and the Greater Frogtown Community Development Corporation. During the ensuing decade, the Foundation constructed homes for 19 families in Frogtown within several blocks, bringing a needed stability to the area.

During the 2000s, the Foundation began projects in partnership with other area charities, including Habitat for Humanity, Homeward Bound, and Project for Pride in Living. Then in 2008, the Foundation completely renovated the home of a wounded Iraq war veteran as Operation Dream Makeover.  

Today the foundation continues to build, remodel and repair homes for families in need in the Twin Cities area.  With dedicated volunteers offering their time and talents, generous financial support, our new occasional store "Builders WareHouse" (which features items for sale donated by BATC members), and support from the public during the Parade of Homes tours when they visit Dream Homes and Dream Remodeled Homes we continue to "make a home at a time."

Connect with us on Face Book (Builders Assoc of the Twin Cities), or follow us on Twitter @ BATCFoundation to keep up to date on our activities.


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